Sonnalige Siddarameswara

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At present I am working with Mr. Somashekar (Kannada Film Director) as an assistant director (My Fist Movie) for the Sonnalige Siddarameswara film Project (12th century Story). For that I need your blessing & wishes.

Sonnalige Siddarameswara

Lord Shiva appeared in the guise of a Jangam Swami and called himself Mallinath from Shrishaila. The place where Mallinath met Siddharam is known as 'Gurubhet' which is now in front of the Collector's Bungalow in Solapur, Maharashtra.This Jangam requested Siddharama to serve him hot fried tender Jowar.Next he demanded curd-rice at the earliest in order to soothen the burning sensation in his stomach.Siddharam ran to his home and asked his mother for curd-rice. On his return to the fields,he searched for him, shouting, "Mallaya, Mallaya" did not find him. There he inquired with the Kawadi Jangams who were on a pilgrimage to Shrishaila. They promised him of showing Mallayya. His quest for Mallayya made him determined to go to Shrishail. At Shrishail he was shown Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga however this linga of black stone did not please him. Then he inquired every object and every people about the whereabouts of Mallayya running over the length and breadth of the vast Shrishail. Siddharama was undergoing a tough time and he began to weep. His tears were collected in the earth in the form of a tank, presently known as 'Nayan-Kunda' at Shrishail. When Shivayogi Siddharam reached the brink of a very deep valley 'Rudrakada' and peeping down he yelled out "Mallayya, Mallayya!. Lord Mallayya didnt show up and continued to test Siddharam. While Siddharama was about to jump in the valley, Lord Mallinath appeared and caught hold of Siddharam by his hands.He visualized Mallaya telling him to return to Sonnalige and work towards making it the second Srishailam. The Lord pacified him and offered 'Vajrakundal' and 'Yoga Danda' which possesses the potential to fulfill all wishes. The Lord Mallinath asked Siddharam to return to Sonnalgie to wash out the grief of the entire life on earth. The Lord Mallinath assured him that he himself will appear in the form of Shivalinga in Sonnalgie. Shivayogi Siddharam returned to Sonnalgie; the ruler of that time Nannappa and his wife Chamala Devi gave 5 kosa land as they were told by a vision of Lord Shiva. Shivayogi Siddharam consecrated 68 lingas by the holy hands of Jagadguru Kapilasiddha Panditardhya, within the Panch Crosh of Sonnalgie making Sonnalgie a "Kshetra" (holy place).
Siddarama returned to Sonnalige and involved himself in public works. He was building lakes and temples.

He encouraged people to conduct mass weddings, and do other works, which would benefit mankind. Many people joined him and transformed Sonnalige into a prominent place. Allama and Siddarama came to Kalyana.At Anubhava Mantapa Allama, Siddarama, Chennabasavanna, Basavanna, and others discussed the need for Istalinga. Siddarama accepted Chennabasavanna as his Guru. Chennabasavanna performed the Istalinga initiation for Siddarama.

Shri Siddharameshwar was a hero of the 12th century whose "Karmayoga" on his own native land-Solapur, turned him into a God-figure over the course of time. Great saint Shri Siddarama,who preached the teachings of Shri.Basaweshwara. A young girl, inspired by the teachings of this saint wished to marry him.Shri.Siddaram denied to marry her and gave permission to marry with his Yogadanda. The same marriage function is celebrated every year on the Makar Sankranti for three days on Bhogi, Sankrant and Kinkrant. The Nandi Dhwajas are presumed as Bride and Groom for the marriage. This festival falls around 14th Jan every year. A fare popularly known as Gadda Jatra is arranged for fifteen days during this period.

Siddharama considered as one of the five prophets of Veerashaivism religion. He was a great Kannada poet who was a part Basavanna's Veerashaiva revolution during the 12th century. Siddharama claims to have written 68,000 vachanas out of which 1379 are in existence.

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