Ravi Vrat Katha Vidhi

According to Hindu Shashtra and belief all weekdays have distinct significance. The weekdays are named as Somvar (Monday), Mangalvar (Tuesday), Budhvar (Wednesday), Vrihaspativar (Thursday), Shukravar (Friday), Shanivar (Saturday), Ravivar (Sunday). Each weekday is associated with a specific god and ruled by a specific planet. The days also have various color significance and fasting are observed on those days for special purpose. It is believed that different gods fulfill different desires. One is afflicted by the rage of the gods if they do not show proper respect to the god. There are many ancient stories and legends depicting the glory of various gods or planets as well as the advantage of keeping the fasts on specific days. The stories also narrate the adversities one has to face if they ignore any God or Planet specific for a day.

Ravi Vrat Katha Vidhi

Nama Suryaya Santaya Sarvaroga Nivarine
Ayu rarogya maisvairyam dehi devah jagatpate
- Valmiki Ramayana
Oh! Lord Surya, ruler of the universe, you are the remover of all diseases, the repository of peace I bow to you. May you bless your devotees with longevity, health and wealth.
Surya is the only visible God whom we can see, perceive and pray. The Sun God is considered as the life-giver, ''Prannadata'' of the entire universe. Surya is essential for life. All Vedas regard Surya as the witness (Saakshi) of all actions. The Sun or Surya is also known as ''Atmakaraka''. Being a Sanskrit word, ''Atma'' means ''soul'' and ''Karaka'' means ''indicator''. The Sun is the ''indicator of the soul''. The Surya is the indicator of our ego, honor, status, fame, the heart, the eyes, general vitality, respect and power.

Surya Puja - Worshipping the Sun God

Surya Puja is a divine boon for those who face problems, hurdles and misfortune in their lives. Worship of Sun is beneficial when people get stuck, no matter how hard working, honest and intelligent they are good luck seems to ignore them. People who aspire for sound health, prosperity, good eyesight, strength and courage, success, cure of chronic diseases like leprosy, heart ailment, nervous weakness, asthma etc. should worship the Sun. This planet is known for his Power, strength and glory.
An ill-placed Sun could also lead to difficulties in health, relating to heart or blood pressure/ blood circulation. In such a case, it is advisable to recite Surya Japa or Dhyan Mantra. After planning to perform the Surya Puja, one should wear clean red clothes on Sunday and offer lotus flower to the God, facing the east direction.

People keep fast on Sundays in the name of Surya Narain or the Sun God. They take food only once a day, generally fruit, before sun-set. Saltish and fried items are avoided. It is believed that a fast on a Sunday saves one from skin diseases like leprosy, ringworm, and eye sores. Sun God is worshipped with red sandalwood and red flowers.

This story…

The Markandeya Purana describes the birth of Sun God. The beautiful Aditi was born as daughter of Daksha. Kasyapa beget on her the divine Sun. He is identical with Trinity. Surya was married to ‘Saugna Devi’, the daughter of ‘Viswakarma', the divine architect. She bore Surya three “children -‘Vaivaswata Manu, Yama and Yamuna’. It came to pass that she could no longer bear the brilliance of her husband’s presence. She fled leaving behind ‘Chaya’, her shadow for years, Surya did not notice this change. ‘Chaya’ bore him three children ‘Savarni Manu Sani and Tapati’.

One day in a fit of anger, ‘Chaya’ cursed ‘Yama’, the son of ‘Saugna’. The curse took effect and Surya was stunned. He knew that no mother’s curse could ever effect her offspring. He questioned ‘Chaya’ who blurted out the truth. He searched for his beloved every-where. At last he spotted her frolicking in the forest in the form of a mare. In order to win her back he changes himself into a horse a horse approached her gently and befriended her. In this form she bore Surya twins called ‘Aswini-Kumaras’. Who later became celestial physician and surgeons. Surya and Saugna turned back into their original forms. In order to keep her by his side, Surya allowed his father-in-law to put him lathe and to share away an eighth of his brightness.

Thereafter, the couple lived together in great bliss. The brightness shorn out of the Sun God was put to good use. Out of it were produced ‘Sudarsana Chakra’ for Lord Vishnu, Trisul for Siva, the lance to Kartikeya’, ‘Vajrayudha’ for Devendra, sword and arrows for Goddess Durga and so on. There is another story in ‘Sarva Puranasara’, Once the Lord of Heaven visited Siva-Parvati on Mahasivarathri day. After darshan he revealed to Siva that he desired to install a replica of Eswara at a holy place where Siva ordered-Shiva told him that instead of the said proposal, it would be more appropriate to install Surya at Arasavalli, because He represents Trinity. Further Shiva accorded a boon that he would be attends there as Kshetra Palaka. Indra was so pleased with folded hands. Then and there he ordered Viswakarma to construct a huge and beautiful temple for Surya.

The Vedas declare, that the colours embeded in the Sun rays cure all diseases.
These Seven rays, viz. 1. Red 2. Orange 3. Yellow 4. Green 5. Blue 6. Indigo 7. Violet, are the seven horses of Surya. We also see the same colours in the Rainbow.

The system of curing the diseases with the different colours of cosmic rays and its benefits are detailed.

This system of “Chromopathy” is the method of systematic application of the Seven colours present in Sun.
In this the health advantages and its procedures are stated. By this treatment certain specific diseases and other common ailments are cured.
This means that leucoderma, heart diseases when attacked exposure to the red rays of Sun health will be resorted.
In this treatment the application of blue colour cures fever, dysentry, diabetics, blood motions. Bronchitis, head ache, urinary disorders, small pox, filarial Elephantasis.
In the line of colours the last one orange, the ultra violet ray are hiddenly secure in its rays. When these rays radiate on our body the ‘D’ Vitamin in the middle of the Skin will be produced.
This ‘D’ Vitamin manufacture the substances ‘Calcium’ and phosphorous essential for our body. Due to these substances teeth get improved and help the actions of the body perfectly.
Due to chromopathy hernia will be cured. The medicine used for cure is kept in coloured bottles and allow the Sun ray pass through there and made a mixture from two to three bottles each time and used each time for three months. Improvement is found. Every disease through the red colour, the yellow the stomach diseases, the green colour heart and all skin diseases are cured. In the Sun’s ray all the colours of red and white are secretly penetrated.
In our body we have different colours in different organs separately. The skin has wheatish colour, hair black, eye balls and teeth whitel the other organs too has different colours in the body. The essence of this cosmic colour therapy is that the deficiency of colour and the reduction of them cause ill health.
The blue colour gives good health and the red colour enthusiasm and energy.
Depending upon the types of disease pure water is filled in the different coloured bottles, and the Sun rays are being attracted through the bottles into the water, and given to the diseased for few days and there by the colours in their body is recouped and health is restored.
The oil and water can be prepared from the cosmic rays during the convenient time from (April, May and June) Caitra to Jesta months. During this period the Sun rays are profusely available.

Medicated Oil Preparation with Sun Rays

To cure the diseases of head, pour gingelly oil, or Badam ol, two inches below the neck of a bottle, tie with the cork or cotton and keep it in Sun shine. When cotton is plugged, every day the cotton has to be replaced. The oil will be ready in Ninety days. After the oil is prepared perfume can be added but not colours.

Medicated Water Preparation with Sun Rays

Depending upon the type of disease, in different coloured bottles, water has to be filled two inches less to the full capacity of the container, and the same coloured cork has to be fitted to the bottle. The oil or water has to be kept on a wooden plank and not on the ground and expose it in full shine from 10 ‘O’ clock in the morning to 5 ‘O’ clock in the evening. In the mean while no shadow should befall on it. If by any mistake it is allowed to stay after the setting of Sun, and the ray of moon, or Stars falls on them the water will be spoiled. Then the bottles must be emptied. It has to be cleansed, fresh water is filled up and again prepared.

When different coloured bottles are kept in the same cabin or when they are exposed to Sun rays simultaneously, a separate coloured papers matching their own colour is daily wrapped and separately kept up with out touching each other and one’s own shade of the bottle will not fall on the other.

The water prepared in one bottle can not be kept more than three days. Immediately it has to be transferred to a white bottle. It is useful only for three days and again it has to be prepared separately. The water prepared though the Sun rays in a white bottle is very beneficial. This water can be used two times during a day.

This story of the Sun God, is related on the occasion of Sunday fast.

It depicts the importance of cow and cow dung and suggests the victory of innocence over jealousy. Once there was an old lady. She would get up early in the morning and took her bath. She kept her house dean by plastering it with cow dung, and took her meals only after offering food to the Sun God. She lived a happy life.

This lady used to collect cow dung from her neighbours house. The neighbours wife was jealous of her. She tethered her cow inside the room so that the old lady could not collect the dung. And as she could not plaster her house with cow-dung, she did not cook her food. She did not even offer food to the idols. She remained on fast throughout the day and slept with empty stomach.

The Sun God appeared before her in her dream. He sold, Why did not you take your meals? Why did you not offer food to the Idols? The old lady said politely, My neighbours lady did not allow me to collect cow-dung from her house. I could not clean my house. I have no cow of my own. The Sun God said, I am happy with you because you kept fast on Sunday. I am pleased with your worship. I shall give you a beautiful The god disappeared. The old lady opened her eyes. A beautiful much cow with a calf was there in her courtyard. She was surprised to see them. She arranged hay and water for them.

When the neighbours lady saw the cow in the old ladys house, she became jealous of her. She also noticed that the cows dung was of gold and not an ordinary dung. She took the gold dung and replaced it with the ordinary dung of her cow. She continued the replacing practice for a number of days. The Sun God noted that the old lady was being cheated by her neighbour. He caused a storm at sun-set. The old lady tethered her cow inside her room for its safety. She was, however, surprised to see that her cow gave her gold dung instead of an ordinary one. She could see through her neighbours trick.

The neighbours lady was constantly jealous. She thought of a plan to deprive her of the wonder cow. She went to the king and said, My Lord, a poor old lady in our neighbourhood has a divine cow. The cow gives gold dung. It would be befitting for your graciousness if this cow Is with you. She keeps it inside her room. No one can have even its glimpse. The king was a greedy person. He told his courtier, Go immediately and bring the cow.

The old lady was about to offer food to the Sun Gods idol when the courtier reached her house. He untied the rope from peg and took away the cow. The lady prayed and wept, but all in vain. The old lady missed her meals that day. She prayed to her God for the safe return of the cow. She could not sleep at night. The king on the other hand, was highly pleased to have that divine cow. That night, he had a dream. The Sun God was there who said, I offered this cow to the old lady as a token of my affection for her worship of me. You do not deserve this cow.

The king woke up. He was badly shaken. He saw that the entire palace was full of cow dung. There was bad smell all around. In the morning, the king sent for the old lady with due honour. He returned the cow to the old lady and also gave her some wealth. The neighbours lady was suitably punished which was a cause of relief to all. The king proclaimed order that all his subjects should observe fast on Sundays if they wanted their desires to be fulfilled. Now, all his people were prosperous. Illness never visited them. They never faced any natural calamity. Everyone enjoyed happiness.

"Aum Hrim Hrim Suriyaye Namah Aum''
Ravi Vrat Katha Vidhi(process):

::- On the day of Vrat, Wake up before Sun rise.
::- Take a shower and wear a New and Neat cloth.
::- Take your meal and Fruit, only while Sun is in the sky.
::- If you have taken Fast, and if Sun does not come in the sky, do not take any Meal or Fruit and take that next day when Sun comes up in the sky.
::- Do not take Salt and Oily food in your meal.

Benefit from this Vrat:

::- You can get Respect and Honour in the Family and Society.
::- You can get victory from your Enemies and Rivals.
::- If you have Eye problem, you can get cure.


  1. how can you eat your meal if you are taking a fast. my understanding was that you could only take meal after the sunset. can you please give me details about the vrat. As for most of the vrat you have to fast and eat only after the vrat is over at the end of the day.

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  3. what colour of bottle is used for eye diseases and how many days it should be kept in sun?


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